Reuters partners with Wibbitz to create videos using automation technology

Today Reuters, the world’s largest international multimedia news provider, announced a partnership with Wibbitz to create news videos for Reuters News Agency customers using automation technology.
For the first time ever, Reuters News Agency will offer ready-to-publish digital videos that are automatically produced as soon as relevant Reuters pictures, text and graphics are available, powered by Wibbitz technology.
The new partnership will expand the selection of videos available to Reuters clients and provide videos summarizing news events within minutes.
Demand for news videos for social and mobile use continues to grow both for our customers and from their audiences.
The speed and breadth of videos Reuters can produce with Wibbitz technology will provide our customers with captivating content when and where these audiences want it most.
Reuters has the right text content and high-quality media to create excellent videos, and our technology can repackage these pieces into dynamic video summaries as soon as a story breaks.
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