Partners in Crime.2015.s01e05 "N or M? - Part 2"

Tommy and Tuppence turn their attention to their fellow occupants of the Sans Souci to find the potential nuclear bomb thief. Tommy has his eyes on Carl Denim, a shifty young beatnik who loves to flirt (especially with Tuppence) and is spending a lot of unexplained time around the coast, whereas Tuppence is convinced the culprit is Mrs Sprot, a glamorous and sensual woman, apparently married, but travelling alone. She was certainly in Khan’s room, but was it to cover up their affair, or the fact that she is N? There are so many potential suspects and dead ends that Tommy and Tuppence can’t help but get their wires crossed and let their guard down... and it’s Tommy who inadvertently ends up in the lion’s den.
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