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    Indonesian Volcano Erupts For First Time
    THIS footage shows the panic and disruption caused by the eruption of Mount Sinabung in North Sumatra province, Indonesia. The 2,600 metre high volcan...

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    Time-lapse video of Costa Concordia salv
    This time-lapse shows the wreckage of the Costa Concordia slowly being raised more than 19 months after it ran aground killing 32 people on board. The...

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    Inside The Exclusive Supercar Collectors
    Qatar is a country which is drenched in oil wealth and awash with supercars. This incredible footage shows the luxury automobile culture which fuels t...

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    Woman killed as parachute fails to open

    An Australian woman has died in a base jumping accident in Malaysia, after her parachute failed to open. ...

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    Fire Elsa x Ice Elsa Unconditionally
    kids land...

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    indian marry with gori
    No Description...

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    Greek Reform List yet to Take Shape as T
    Greece and its international creditors continued talks through the weekend on reforms to unlock loans, but the lenders said it could take several more...

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    Child obesity becomes crisis in US
    Most nutritionists will tell you that bad food and a lack of exercise are the main contributors to obesity. A recent Columbia University study however...

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    Citizen TV Live: Fresh Presidential elec
    #Ballot2017 You can also watch Citizen TV Live at www.citizentv.co.ke/tv...

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